Reports That Sounded The Alarm

This report documents Berkeley's liabilities from rising infrastructure and pension liabilities -- estimated to be around $2 billion and growing. Between 2012 and 2019 Berkeley's net postion (the difference between assets and liabilites) went from $ + 311 to $ - 101 million. We are operating beyond our means.

This report documents how Berkeley ranks 13th from the bottom (out of 101) among cities in the region for street quality. This trend continues in the 2019 update.

This report docoments how Berkeley's subsidized housing costs are up to 33% higher than other cities. Subsidized units currently cost approximately $750,000 each in Berkeley. How much more can we afford?

Reports Showing Creative Solutions Are Within Our Means

This report documents how progressive cities can finaice housing and infrastrrcute with creative solutions rather than stretch residents beyond thier means.

Using a 0.5% sales tax El Cerrito repaired or resurfaced at least 70% of local streets in within four years. Infrastructure was fixed, everyone paid their fair share and no one carried an unfair tax burden.

This project would have added 130 units of below market rate housing. It demonstrates that Berkely is ripe for creative housing solutions. Unfortunately after multiple city-led lawsuits the developer back out of the project and the site lies empty.

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