About WOM Berkeley

WOM Berkeley is a 100% volunteer effort. Collectively, our aim is to educate voters on the real-life impacts of our City Council's decisions. We are making a sincere effort to convey the challenges we face living in one of America's most expensive cities. Some have expressed concern that WOM Berkeley is a front for “real estate interests”; please see our endorsements here.

If our message resonates with you, then please encourage your friends and neighbors to consider it too. Our only means of connection is word of mouth and social networking using free resources. Berkley's aggressive campaign laws make it nearly impossible for grass roots community organizations.

In contrast, City Council and their allies, who will directly benefit from the $650 million in new spending, have historically spent tens of thousands of dollars to convince voters to pass new bond measures. We know you will receive glossy mailers and see campaign signs plastered throughout our city. We can’t compete with that, but we will make every effort to convey our perspective, and we hope you are receptive.

Stay In Touch

We will keep you posted on city council's decisions impacting you.